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By Shane Garcia

SAP Fiori is a business design system that makes your app appeal to the everyday consumer. With a focus on user experience (UX), SAP Fiori makes your app more intuitive and easier to use.

But how does SAP Fiori work, and does your company really need it?

This post will give you an overview of SAP and examples of how it can improve your productivity and user experience.
If you are unsure if your company can benefit from using SAP Fiori, keep reading to find out.

SAP Fiori overview

SAP Fiori involves focusing on a task-based approach as compared to a functional approach. Since the rise of SAP-ERP software, the SAP Graphical User Interface (SAP-GUI) was the only software for users to consume or process data in SAP. Accessing SAP workflows through the SAP GUI platform was restricted to desktops. The demand for a more flexible and intuitive user interface grew and increased in demand. Therefore, to bridge the gap between the mounting digital needs and traditional SAP GUI systems, SAP introduced Fiori, which became the most powerful tool that a client can use to access SAP functions on any device.

Further, the SAP Fiori is grounded on the SAP U15 framework, developed using HTML5. However, Fiori apps have been developed for IOS in recent times, and the user interface elements have also been made available for IOS.

What does SAP Fiori offers to customers?

Experts have maintained that SAP Fiori is the much-needed catalyst for digital transformation. It facilitates users with a wide range of applications that can be accessed from desktops, tablets, or any other mobile device that simplifies tasks for users. More critically, SAP Fiori apps offer users an intuitive experience that is unforgettable.

In the initial phase of SAP Fiori’s inception, the initial offerings had just twenty-five transactional applications, mainly for managers and employees seeking permissions to go on travels, leaves, and so on. Despite this, SAP Fiori today has over 915 apps that range from transactions and factsheets to analytical. Hence, this provides a solution for every business need you may have. SAP Fiori facilitates SAP companies with the complete flexibility to use and deploy Fiori apps based on individual needs.

Benefits of SAP Fiori to clients

SAP Fiori has, without a doubt, undergone significant improvements. Users now have the freedom to customize and organize their experience in the Launchpad. That means that you can manage your tools in a way that makes complete sense for you. Other benefits include:

  • Productivity- SAP Fiori has been developed to amplify the user’s productivity. Everyday tasks are organized in a simple, intuitive, and streamlined fashion that monitors your completion time. Additionally, in one comparison between Fiori and SAP GUI, SAP was found to significantly save a client’s time, and SAP Fiori also saved the number of resources allocated to the task.
  • More perceptive workflow- there are accounting, marketing, and human resource departments in an organization, and each is not IT. Hence, the employees in these departments need an interface that is secure and easy to understand. Most jobs in an organization do not revolve around the technical knowledge of SAP. However, historically, many end-users had to understand how SAP is structured and how to use it.

In addition, many customers benefit from SAP Fiori because it is centered around business logic and not SAP logic. Hence, that makes life easier for your employees and, in particular, those that are non-technical users.

  • Improved employee morale- with easy access and other benefits, your employees will love the SAP Fiori. That is because they will not spend the bulk of their time searching menus, inputting commands, and filling in forms. Previously, the clunky interface would frustrate employees and therefore depress their morale. This would plummet the productivity of the organization.

According to statistics, happy workers are 12% more productive than average workers, and unhappy workers are 10% less effective. Fiori helps boost the morale of workers in many ways. First, it makes the work less tedious and cuts down on the need to repeatedly do tasks. It also provides an appealing workflow and also gives contextual support.

  • Mobility- by 2022, the mobile workforce will have grown by 42.5%, which will grow in the future. Fiori is portable and has an adaptive design that aids companies in adapting to this new mobile workforce. Hence, the users can get access to essential applications from anywhere and on any device.

SAP Fiori clients benefit from this mobility in numerous ways. Applications work similarly in the client as they do in a browser tab. However, it has added merits such as full-screen display and controllable caching.

Software that empowers your client is software that empowers your organization. With SAP Fiori, your workforce can genuinely enable the company to reap the full benefits of digitalization.

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