Technical Online Assessment for Coders

Technical Online Assessment for Coders

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By Shane Garcia

Looking to hire quality software engineers? You need the best coding interview platform that allows you to screen applicants without bias.

Technical assessment can be quite challenging. Since in-person interviews seem to be out of the question, for now, online coding tests remain the only option. Unfortunately, online code testing may fail to provide the best experience. That’s why you need the best coding test platform with excellent features, such as Geektastic for example, that not only makes your hiring process easy but also ensures you get a highly qualified candidate.

In this post, we’ll explore online technical assessment for coders in detail.

What is a technical assessment tool?

A technical assessment tool is a software that helps companies evaluate candidates’ technical abilities when looking for potential employees.

Companies use technical assessment tools to conduct interviews for those technical roles and determine the candidate’s proficiency in coding and other technical skills. These tools provide organizations with multiple coding language options and the ability to rank candidates objectively. They also have a rich library of questions and answers as well as technical assessment tests for recruiters to evaluate candidates.

Hiring managers and technical recruiters use the assessments provided on technical assessment platforms to evaluate candidates before they hire them.

What is a technical interview?

A technical interview is simply an interview conducted by an employer hiring a software engineer or any other technical professional. A technical interview allows an interviewer to assess the candidate’s technical skills, critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills.

In technical interviews, it’s not unusual for an interviewer to present technical assessment problems, numerical reasoning problems or brain teasers. All these tests are for the candidate’s ability to come up with solutions and solve problems. Recruiting managers can conduct technical interviews in-person, on the phone or via online, face-to-face communication platforms.

Getting Ready for a Technical Interview

Practicing different ways to answer the interviewer’s questions is one way to prepare for a technical interview. You can also try solving numerical reasoning problems to showcase your technical skills. These steps can help you get ready for your technical interview:

1. Go through the job description

Go through the job description thoroughly, so you know what is expected of you. Analyze the key skills and qualifications, so you showcase them during your interview

2. Research the company

You need background information about the company interviewing you. Conduct enough research to get an insight on the goals and values of the company as well as problems you can offer solutions to.

3. Practice solving complex tech problems

Take advantage of online resources and use them to practice solving complex tech problems. This will build your coding and data analysis skills and give you an idea of what might be presented during the interview.

4. Review the basics

Ensure you review the fundamentals of your field. If you are into automating testing, review the procedures of choosing test cases and creating solutions to fix software issues. This will show you understand the technical principles of your field.

5. Practice your answers

The final step is to practice how you will answer those interview questions. Along with technical questions, the interviewer may ask about your professional background to ensure you get everything straight so you don’t look confused during the interview.

Qualities of the Best Technical Assessment Platforms?

A well-designed technical assessment platform will transform the recruiting process both for companies and candidates. Research shows using well-designed technical assessment platforms before hiring will reduce your turnover rate by 39% and increase the possibility of employees surpassing performance objectives by 24%.

A technical skill test is a recruiter’s best friend but only if it’s designed right. Poorly designed technical assessment platforms will fail to evaluate the candidate and one may end up hiring someone unfit for the job. Here are some qualities of a good technical assessment platform to guide you:

  • Automation to reduce manual grading via industry-leading compliers and auto-evaluators
  • Ability to measure legacy developer skills
  • Complete data insights, reporting and analytics
  • Assessments customized for specific jobs and roles
  • Proficient qualitative score analysis
  • Unique data security for your applicant data
  • Video interviews with enhanced programming abilities
  • Unified integration with other recruiting solutions
  • Remarkable candidate experiences and habitual branding opportunities for companies
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