What Is True Key and Do I Need It?

What Is True Key and Do I Need It?

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By Shane Garcia

As Transmit Security explains, True Key is software that allows you to backup and secure your data in a cloud-based environment.

It’s compatible with several different applications, including Microsoft Office. It’s also compatible with Windows, Mac, and iOS.

If you’re running a Mac or iOS operating system, you can use True Key to access your data from anywhere and protect your data from being lost or stolen.

But what does True Key do for you? Let’s take a look at some of the ways true key can help your organization.

What is a true key?

True key by antivirus software, Mcafee is an application that unlocks and gains access to the digital world of a user as a password manager. Users can download True key on all their devices as an alternative to passwords. It reduces the inconvenience of having multiple passwords. Its price and usability are impressive in the market.

It uses unique components such as the use of the fingerprint for verification of information of a user. True key records your credentials as a user once you log in. It secures sites and revisits your last input information.

Users benefit from logging into a site with a single click. It is facilitated by True Key storing your password with ease. Once a user opts to use the True key, they are guaranteed a secure digital world at the touch of their hands.

It also stores your safe notes and wallet. The digital wallet is its outstanding feature allowing users to store their credit cards, social security number, driver’s license, address, passwords, and memberships.

How secure is the True key?

True key ensures that password management is automatic. The significant factors for excellent evaluation of password managers are security and encryption.

True key highly stakes on the best security practices. AES 256-bit encryption is one of the highest top-ranking and most effective algorithms. It protects True Key.

The True Key application goes a step further in ensuring no third parties can access information by encrypting master passwords on company servers.

Its employees cannot obtain the master passwords and mitigates any security breach of its accounts. It builds user confidence in the security of their accounts.

All True Key accounts have master passwords. These master passwords consist of at least eight characters. The characters are a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Users also get to have the option to go with whichever avenue they find fit for use. Multifactor authentication is a significant element in facilitating this. Authentication factors include biometrics such as the fingerprint or face ID for verification. Users need to have a minimum of at least two authentication factors to log into their devices.

How do I use Mcafee’s true key?

For a user to use the True key, they will first start by creating a free True Key account. The user will then fill in their full name, email address, and master password. It is advisable to input a strong password for added security to your digital world.

After input of the password, the True Key will provide feedback on the quality of the password.

If the password is weak, True Key provides hints on strengthening the password and efficiency of use. A combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters creates a strong and secure password.

After registering with the True Key, logging into sites is simplified to favor the user. The user can easily click into the site, and the True Key will automatically jot down your login details to provide access to the site.

Is Mcafee True key free?

Upon registration, Mcafee True key offers its users a free version that has a limit of fifteen passwords. True key also permits its users to install the application on several devices.

The True Key premium package allows users unlimited passwords on their devices. The application, however, does not have any other additional services to offer.

Once you choose True Key, you access maximum security in your digital world.

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